Webinarium: How we interview at Qualtrics

Przesyłam informacje o nadchodzącym webinarium organizowanym przez firmę Qualtrics, skierowanym szczególnie do osób zainteresowanych tegorocznym stażem wakacyjnym (który osobiście polecam :wink:).

We are pleased to invite you to our upcoming webinar: “How we interview at Qualtrics - hands-on experience with whiteboard interview” on January 28th, 2021 at 6 pm.

The event will be hosted by Kacper Jawoszek, our Software Engineer.

If you want to gain knowledge on how to prepare for interviewing at Qualtrics for our Engineering Internships this is a must-have for YOU.

We ensure you’ll learn:

  • Best techniques
  • How to Best showcase your skills
  • Best practices

You already made up your mind and want to join?
You can sing up here: https://bit.ly/3skhrxF

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