Szkoła letnia online New Horizons in Theoretical Computer Science

Studentów studiów licencjackich zainteresowanych pracą naukową zachęcam do udziału w szkole letniej organizowanej przez Toyota Technological Institute Chicago. Zajęcia będą odbywać się online w tygodniu od 6 do 10 czerwca. Oprócz wykładów organizatorzy przewidują zajęcia w małych podgrupach (stąd konieczność wcześniejszej rejestracji).

Are you interested in theoretical computer science including topics like algorithms, cryptography, machine learning, and others? If so, please consider applying to the New Horizons in Theoretical Computer Science week-long online summer school! The school will contain several mini-courses from top researchers in the field. The course is free of charge, and we welcome applications from undergraduates majoring in computer science or related fields. We particularly encourage applications from students that are members of groups that are currently under-represented in theoretical computer science.

Students from previous years have shared with us that the mini-lectures, online group activities, and interactions with other students and the friendly TAs were extraordinarily engaging and fun.

For full consideration, please complete the application (it’s short and easy!) by April 25, 2022. The summer school will take place online from June 6 to June 10.

Please see our website for details:

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