[Staż/Praca] QED.ai - Machine Learning Engineer

Computer Vision Data Scientist

QED (https://qed.ai) is a tech company focused on improving public health and food security. We bring the hacker spirit to global challenges faced in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, working with the Gates Foundation, CDC, and USAID.

Machine learning is a critical component of our data processing pipeline, particularly in the areas of geospatial mapping and image processing. We classify croplands, buildings, and other forms of land use from satellite imagery, and also build high-performance optical character recognition models for medical forms.

We are looking to immediately expand our team with smart data scientists who have the critical-thinking skills necessary for cutting-edge research in applied AI. Desired skills include:

  • experience with competitive machine learning and/or peer-reviewed academic research
  • strong skills in logical reasoning and critical thinking, and the confidence to both express it and also receive constructive feedback through daily code review
  • knowledge of basic statistics and probability
  • non-superficial intuitions about AI, beyond import blackbox
  • strong background in computer science, including
    • high fluency with Linux
    • high fluency with computer programming in Python, including efficient data structures, algorithms, writing expressive and clean code
  • strong familiarity with most of the following AI-related technologies:
    • TensorFlow / Keras / PyTorch
    • Pandas
    • Scikit-Learn
    • XGBoost / LightGBM
  • high proficiency (≥B2) in speaking, reading, and typing English (≥40 words per minute)

Below are additional skills that are a bonus, but are not required:

  • domain knowledge and/or energetic interest in agriculture or healthcare
  • prior experience with GIS software

Preference is given to candidates who can work with us in-person, to fill openings at offices in Warsaw, Kraków, and Wrocław in Poland. Full-time engagement is preferred, but part-time positions are also available with commitments of at least 24 h/wk.

Apply at: https://qed.ai/jobs

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