Enhance Students Employability with UniCode 2019

Poniżej informacja, jaką uzyskałam z Biura Karier UJ z prośbą o przekazanie Państwu

To whom it may concern,

I’m the Head of Marketing and Communications for ShowCode, a cutting-edge competitive coding platform that aims to enhance the employability of STEM students that have an interest in coding.

We have recently run our first dedicated student competition called “UniCode 2018” and had many students from across the UK competing with each other. Over the course of competition, we had winners from Durham, Southampton, Queen Mary’s University London and Cardiff University who all shared a prize fund of £5,000.

UniCode 2019 is the next of our competitions that is specifically designed, and only for students in full time academia. I thought this could be of real interest for your University to share with and encourage your students to take part. The overall prize fund has increased to £10,000 this year with the winner walking away with £2,500!

We also have several company sponsored undergraduate/graduate competitions (with more coming soon), which gives students an opportunity to showcase their skills to companies in a less intense environment, which will allow them to shine.

ShowCode want to see the excellent students that attend Jagiellonian University competing on our platform and showcasing their talents. The student at Jagiellonian who scores the best amongst their University peers in UniCode 2019 will also receive £100, a University Champion trophy and will go forward as the Jagiellonian University Champion in our planned Champion of Champions live coding battle*.

The Champion of Champions offers each university champion the chance to take home part of the £4,000 prize fund. £2,500 will go to the winner, £1,000 to 2nd place and £500 to 3rd!

We would be delighted to have your university on board and if you are happy to share and encourage your students to play UniCode 2019 please contact me at Oli@showcode.co.uk or alternatively call me on 07825884368 and I will be happy to provide Posters, Email templates, Flyers etc…

Kind Regards

Oliver Slot

*In order to be eligible for the prize fund, trophy and entry to the Champion of Champions the University will need to have at least 50 of their students compete in UniCode 2019