Citadel Coding Competition

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Citadel Coding Competition Announcement

This April, Citadel and Correlation One are partnering to bring you the biggest coding competition of the school year.

Terminal is a games-based AI challenge, where players code strategies to automate gameplay. Top performing students have the opportunity to win $15,000 in cash prizes, exclusive recruiting opportunities with Citadel, and global recognition. Check out this brief clip to see Terminal in action!

Taking place between April 4 - 11, the competition will have a flexible structure so that participants will be able to work anytime during the week to accommodate their schedules. The event is open to all the current undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students!


Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis, so I encourage you to sign up as soon as possible. The sign-up deadline is Tuesday, March 29th.

For questions, please contact raelynn(at) We look forward to receiving your application.